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Information for the Elderly

To better the lives of elders and their families. Links to common forms dealing with long-term care, living wills, and other resources.

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The Gift of Peace of Mind
Booklet containing information and forms for creating declarative documents such as: Power of Attorney, Living Wills, End of Life wishes, etc. Published by Iowa Aging website.
Five Wishes Living Will
Living will from Aging with Dignity. There is a charge. As a Public Library, we are addressing end-of-life planning documents as a public service. We do endorse, nor benefit from, any of these products.
Law Depot Living Will Documents
Access to medical care wishes, living wills, and other end-of-life documents one may want to have. Free forms. As a Public Library, we are addressing end-of-life planning documents. This is purely a public service. we do not endorse nor nor benefit from any of these products.
Videos of interest to Seniors and their Families
Put out by the National Institutes of Health, a collection of short videos on all aspects of health and safety, quality of life, and other issues faced by Senior Citizens and their loved ones.