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Fact Checking

Some sites that help you find the truth. Is it true the striped mittenfish can change its gender by turning itself inside out? What about Sadie Hawkins Day- Can you really get your fella put in jail for not marrying you on that day if you ask him? Here are some folk that do nothing but seperate fact from legend!
The most reliable source for researching urban legends.
Truth or Fiction
Is that forwarded email about a missing child, virus alert, or other warning for real, or a hoax? This is the site to let you know.
Hoax Slayer
This site debunks and explains scams, spam, urban legends, and goes further: The folk at Hoax-Slayer also give information on internet and other security measures, along with letting you know some of the tells that give a hint of what is not quite reliable- or even dangerous to take as truth.
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