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December 2011 Library Links

Book Party for The Help, a mini book review, and other good stuff!

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Deb Halverson

Are you ready for the new book party? We are going to discuss and celebrate “The Help” on Saturday, December 17, at 10:00 in the morn.  For this one, those of you who have seen the movie are especially invited, since we who only had a chance to read the book would love to know the answer to those age-old questions: “How did the movie stack up? Did it stay to storyline; was it too abridged for time to keep the depth?” I know I’d love to know the answer to those questions.  Heidi at From the Ground has graciously agreed to let us have it at her shop again, so we will have our favorite coffee, tea, and other goodies from her offerings to buy and enjoy while exploring the story. Even better… she actually has “The Help” tea available, and it sounds delicious! Thanks, Heidi!


There are times when Inter-library loan materials are not getting picked up by the patrons who order them before they are due back. It seems it’s always the really great-looking ones that languish before my eyes for so long. Just once I wish if one had to leave a book, it would be a book I wouldn’t find myself drooling over for weeks! Because of the cost of postage (and certainly not because the Deb wants revenge on all those folk who leave me drooling all over and making messes of the circulation desk!), we are finding it necessary to charge the one dollar fee for ILL postage at the time you put in your request.  The dollar helps offset the cost of returning the book, which usually (depending on weight, etc.) goes from $2.83 on up.


Just to be sure we crickets don’t run out of things to do… ahem. Truth is, in the interest of making your library more user-friendly and making the most of our space: we are incorporating the large print books into their respective genre. In other words, large print westerns will now be in the western section, large print fiction in the fiction section, and so on. No worries about those materials getting lost in the shuffle, either. We are putting neat blue and black stickers on the spines that say “Large Print”. They stand out quite nicely, so you should have no difficulty picking them out. So, you might be asking, what is the Large Print area going to be used for? Why, for all new materials- each genre, each type of material (audio books, movies, etc.). The turnaround will be used for Adopt-An-Author Books and special notice materials- say, for instance, the current Book Party selection. Considering how much new stuff we’re getting in, it’s the best way we have to have it ready and easy to find. Oh, and new material now will sport a pretty red dot on the spine, just to make them easier to spot. Just another cool idea from our Fearless Director!


Even though “Adopt-An-Author” was only peripherally mentioned, it sure opens me to give a shout out for Mr. Stephen King and his latest- aside from the 25th anniversary edition of “It”, anyway.  I am still AAA for Stephen King even if I am failing miserably getting him here (I’m working on it! Thought for a while I’d threaten to kill his characters if he didn’t come… then remembered he does that already! ARGH!).  So, I got first read and a cool plaque in our newest. The title is “11/22/63”, and he does that time-honored subject, Time Travel. As only Mr. King can, and better than even those of us who adore him would have predicted. This is one author that has matured and honed his craft far beyond what most might have conceived: he takes the tough questions, such as “butterfly effect” and “moral right”, to the absolute limit. As, again, only Mr. King can. If the last King you came up against was a movie or “Pet Semetary” or some-such, you are missing out on a lot of mind and soul strapped onto a rollercoaster. If I may say so, it’s your loss.


We now have all our public computers set to get you easier-than-ever access to the Iowa Workforce Website. You can apply for benefits, do job search, and keep track of your case by logging into the site, which is bookmarked on all our public puters. This is much easier than having to travel hither and yon, isn’t it? We crickets-er-librarians are also happy to assist you with anything you need for accessing what you need there. We aim to serve, and this is one service we are proud and pleased to be able to provide with the help of Iowa Workforce Development.


Another article-turned-tome, another installment of our Links. As always, am proud and pleased to bring the library story! Thank you for your time.

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