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February 2012 Library Links

It's VITA time again, and changes in what IRS forms we get and how to get the others.


Deb Halverson


Hope Santa brought every good thing your way for Christmas! Once again, I had to educate the little ones on the calamity that happened when Santa got arrested, and didn’t get out of the pokey until mid-summer. That was the year we didn’t have Christmas ‘till July, and it was a mess, let me tell ya! I was glad to give that history lesson at Leon Noel, and also watch Santa and Mrs. Claus work their magic between “classes”. Here at your library this year, we had to spend a great deal of time making sure George wasn’t writing his letter to Santa instead of working. Then, he figured he’d climb a tree and be the angel on top. How do you tell a fella he isn’t exactly angel material?


We get to perform our VITA services again this year! VITA is that incredibly cool program that helps low-income and elderly folk prepare their taxes. We are doing the phone screening for eligibility and setting the appointments again. All of us that have a thing to do with the program, from preparer to appointment setter, have to take an online class and get certification before we can participate. Now, after the hoopla and mayhem I went through to get qualified this year, I plan on asking the IRS for forgiveness from taxes for the next 4 years. Before, I just figured I’d take my cool certificate of participation with me if I got audited: surely being a volunteer for the IRS makes for a bit of mercy here and there, eh? But this year... ugh. I took the class. Almost got into the test for certification, but had to shut down the puter and restart after allowing pop-ups or I wouldn’t be able to take the test. Again a second time, since it didn’t “take” the first time. Then, while taking the test online, had to stop to help a few patrons. Go back to finish, found my test had timed out, I had to start all over. By “all over”, that includes starting from the class again. The upshot is, after about 6 hours and a few muttered oaths, I finally got my certificate, and am now allowed to do my part. The thing is, all of us had similar experiences, so we are now downright chomping at the bit to put our hard-earned certification to use. So, please, put our services to use! Just call us at 446-6332: appointments are being made now for sessions starting February 1.


We again have the print Federal income tax forms and instructions, but Iowa is no longer sending print. You may file online, but if you really need print forms, you can come in and print them off the website. We also have information for ways to get them by phone or by stopping by at the Hoover Building in Des Moines. Just ask when you come in to get your Fed forms.


The Book party for “The Help” was fun, informative, and thought-provoking. The participants were folk who have worked for equality and civil rights for decades, and both brought amazing insight and wisdom from their years of working- and living- the struggles. Some of what they spoke of was just not what we regular folk would even consider, looking in from the outside. I am grateful to our participants- thank you so much for sharing your experience, knowledge, and heart.


Speaking of Book Parties... since we now have three-count-em-three copies of Stephen Kings’ 11/22/63 (Large print, standard print, and audiobook/CD), I figure we can go ahead and have a book party for it in February- will check with Heidi at From The Ground to see if and when this is d This is a book that will shake you around, get your brain and heart in overdrive, and make you wonder about moral parameters in light of intention. Done as only the Master Storyteller can do it.


Better stop now and give your poor eyes a rest. As always, I’m proud-n-pleased to bring the library story! Thank you for your time.



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