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August 2011 Library Links

SRP winners and prizes! Getting ready for new school year! Volunteer luncheon, and more!

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Deb Halverson

          As many of you know, we adore our volunteers here at your library. And, just to let them know how much we appreciate them, each year we throw a luncheon for them.  I even refrained from trying to start a food fight this year, since we had some of our favorite volunteers attending and I wanted them to forget what a pain I can be. Of course, with the great food catered to us by Heidi at From The Ground (including fresh, incredible, real lemonade! And cheesecake!), there was no messing around with it, it was too good to waste. We had Rilma, Roberta, Karen, Gail, and Jeremiah all there, and we staff were happier than clams at high tide being able to honor them for their work. Thanks to everyone who has done volunteer service for us whether you could attend or not; we love and need you!


     The Summer Reading Program, although a bit short, was a hit again this year! We have some really cool prizes for the competition winners, with gift cards, paint-by-numbers, Spongebob and Spiderman stuff, even a stuffed cow for one of our 0-k winners. Here's the list of winners for Competition Reads:

Linda Owens, First Place Overall, 1976 minutes

Evy Quick, 2nd Place Overall, 1126 minutes

Emerson Richardson, 1st Place 6-8th, 954 minutes

Laura Allen, 2nd Place 6-8h, 896 minutes

Bailey Lafee, 3rd Place 6-8th, 765 minutes

Elijah , 1st Place 1-3rd, 722 minutes

Emmet Richardson, 2nd Place 1-3rd, 609 minutes

Alex and Kendra Williams, tie for 3rd Place 1-3rd, 286 minutes

Priya, 1st Place 0-K, 557 minutes

Allison Goodman, 2nd Place 0-K, 286 minutes

Brody and Maci Hamilton, tie for 3rd place 0-K, 130 minutes

Come on in and get your  prizes! Also, those with read-by-minute rewards not yet claimed! Otherwise, the deb will get herself into trouble playing with them. I need them out of my temptation zone!


     We will be looking for someone to take over for our Gail, while she travels the world. First Scotland, then Texas, then on to Delaware... she doesn't seem to realize I am now making a large cage in the furnace room jus for her. We adore her, and the only way I, personally, will let her go is if someone is going to step in and help with the Satellite Runs. SRs are the bi-weekly trips to take books to Terrace Park and Westiview Acres. Fun, worthwhile, all in all a great way to spend an hour or two.  Come on in or call Darlene: you can feel especially good, knowing you are allowing Gail to escape The Cage, and go on about her travels!


     My time runs short, gotta stop yakking and start sending. Get to go read this afternoon at Westview, which in one of the highlights of the week. Thank you for your time, I'm proud and pleased to bring the Library Story!



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