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LIBRARY LINKS-Special Edition

Deb Halverson

Please tell George not to let Staff George hang me from the watertower. George Lawson, the library consultant, that is. George of our staff claims he did not tell Mr. Lawson it would be in the library’s best interest to hang me there, but I doubt that’s the snow-white truth. One reason for my doubt is how Staff George starts doing a Snoopy Dance when “Deb hanging from the watertower” comes up- and it’s always Staff George that brings it up. When you come to the meeting at the Community Center on May 2 at 7:00 p.m. to discuss with Mr. G. Lawson what you want to see happen at -and with- your library, I beg you not to say the words or express the sentiment: “Let Staff George Hang Deb Up!”. However, “Hang Staff George Upside Down From the Flagpole!!” is a perfectly respectable request.


Even if you truly believe my public water tower hanging is best, we would love for you to come to that meeting. Mr. Lawson is a consultant for libraries, a real mover and shaker in making sure our public libraries are able to keep up with, and fulfill, the needs of the community we serve. We need to know our community expectations and needs, so we may better fill them. Frankly, do you really want folk like me making those suggestions? If I had my way, we would have Heart and Seger concerts in the parking lot; library staff would take yearly 2-week excursions to Belize to “check the local library system, environmental care of beaches, and work rights for the service industry personnel”; and let’s not forget a sauna in the furnace room and massage table in the back. You understand now, we need you, to bring a voice of sanity? Do you really think Mr. Lawson should hear from only the likes of me?


Among our questions:

How can we improve our service to you?

What would make us a library everyone can access?

What would make your library able to be most relevant to what our community needs?

What makes a public building, such as your library, a good public building?

What do you see as the most important service your library can offer?

{If you’d like to make a top 2 or 3 services list, that’s just fine}

What improvements should be made at the library? {This is the question I dread. Please refer to the opening sentence of this article, and be kind.}


Please come to the meeting. We need you to bring us a Library Story for a change! Thank you for your time.


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