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October 2011 Library Links

George catching leaves on his tongue! Fright Night!

Library Links

Deb Halverson

We finally get our great autumn! George was caught kicking through a pile of leaves in the parking lot like a little kid, and I’m sure he even turned his face skyward, his tongue out to catch a leaf on it- I didn’t have the heart to tell him that move was for snowflakes.   Leaves and breeze, football and chili, and plenty of cool-evenings just made for good reads. We have plenty of reads for everyone, gracing our shelves!  Matter of fact, our Ashley is going to start getting a monthly list of new arrivals on the website and in the Journal-Reporter, so you can get tantalized by our glittering offerings!  I wanted the good, old-fashioned, scroll-and-hear ye- public reading in front of the courthouse, but Fearless Director reminded me we have actually entered the 21st century, The LJR is being quite gracious (they always are gracious to us!) giving us space for the “New At The Library” column, and parchment scrolling is way out of our budget, besides. So, it’s website and publication, no more romantic medieval stuff. No matter how you get the list, you’ll find some great stuff on it.


Speaking of the website- and I was, at least peripherally- I have been checking out our usage stats, and have discovered an interesting thing. There are folk who seem to hit, after several clicks, only on the homepage. I am unsure if those patrons want only to view that one page, but in case some are having a bit of trouble navigating the site, I’ll give a little tutorial here on navigation. When you want to go to another page of the site (say, the “Books and Reading” page), simply look at the top of the page, just below the picture of trees. You will see a series of tabs there. Just place your little arrow on top of the one that reads “Books and Reading” until the arrow changes into a pointing hand, and click the left button of your mouse once. This takes you from your current page to the page you clicked for. When you get to that page, you can look at further pages in that section by clicking on your choice in the menu at the left side of your screen. If you’d like some one-on-one help with finding your way around the site, please don’t hesitate to call us or stop in, and we’ll be happy to show you around the site. I’m hoping to get a “help” section on the site soon, also, so you can go there for further help.


The hoopla and change going on with Iowa Workforce is getting solidified, so we now have the information and setup for helping anyone needing help with unemployment insurance, job seeking, and other services now done online.   Fearless Director seemed to look at me rather pointedly as she told us the other day to “become familiar with the Workforce site. You never know who might need some help getting a job or filling out the unemployment insurance forms.”  I’m not nervous. Being the resident Library Clown, especially when one has such a finely honed talent for making a total fool of oneself, brings a certain measure of job security. Doesn’t it? So, FD’s pointed gaze is not the reason I have been burning gallons of midnight oil, studying the site and how to find everything in it.


Since Halloween is same as Beggar’s Night this year, and happily both are on a night we are open until 7:30 (Monday), we hope all you local monsters, evildoers, and occasional princesses make a point of stopping in on your travels for tricks-n-treats. I am unsure which we will have at your library. Fearless Director keeps telling us we have to actually be nice to patrons, so we may not be able to pull too many tricks, only treats; but you might get lucky and find both here. You are at least assured to see some of your library staff showing their real selves. Ashley has already informed us that she is happy not to have to witness George’s tentacles and saberteeth unsheathing themselves at dusk. Or, not to have to clean up after the Feral Librarian. Darlene won’t tell us what she’s going to be, but don’t be surprised if she shows up as Madame Crackawhip, noted Cricket Herder.


Ran out of time again! Thank you for your time, I love telling the library story!

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