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Library Card


Who can get a library card, how to apply, and how to use your library card.

Library Card Basics

Questions? Just call us at 641.446.6332 or stop in!

  • Who is eligible to get a library card?

Anyone who is a resident of Leon or Decatur County, including those who live in towns that participate in Open Access . Cards are given from infancy to Seniors, and anyone in between.

  • How does a person apply for a card?

Simply bring in two pieces of ID. One may be a student card, any state ID including driver's license, birth certificate, etc. A piece of mail with your name and address might be the second piece, or a check with your current address. The main idea is to document that you live at the address on your card.

  • How to use the library card
    • Checking out books and other materials
    • Videos checked out for 3 days, books, magazines, and other material for 2 weeks
    • Your card opens you to get accounts at any library that participates in the Open Access program. This allows you to check out and return materials from any  participating library!
    • Return children's materials to the shopping cart by the downstairs desk. Adult materials and videos go upstairs to the circulation desk.
    • You may renew materials by simply calling or bringing the materials in. Books, magazines and other material are renewed for 2 weeks, videos may be renewed once for 3 more days. When calling in a renewal, it helps if you have your library card available or the last 4 digits of your card number.
    • We do not impose fines for overdues, but donations are happily accepted! Damaged or lost materials will be charged according to cost of repair or replacement cost. Many repairs are done for free, so there is no need to be shy about a ripped page, separating spine, or other fixable troubles; and we like to know about them, so we can fix them quickly!
    • You may request an item from us, either from our shelves or through ILL (InterLibrary Loan). Just stop in, email us, or call.
    • We now have our catalog on this website.  If you find something in our catalog, we are happy to take reservations for materials currently checked out, or pending to be on the shelves. Stop by, email, or call and let us know the author, title, your name and contact information. We'll put you on the reserve list and let you know when your turn is here.