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The Leon Public Library Is Now Open for Business


During August 2015 the Library was closed for automation. Phase 1 is complete!!




Phase 1 – Acquire library automation software


The Library has acquired Insignia Library Services software for the library.  This allows the library to catalog all the items the library has to lend and make them available for checkout. This catalog will be accessible by the public using the internet.




Phase 2 – Step 1 – Bar code all books and other library items


Step 1 – To facilitate automation, all items in the library will have a bar code attached to identify it in our catalog.  Currently we are in the process of attaching these bar codes.  This process will be completed over the next few months. Bar coding was completed on September 10, 2015.


Phase 2 - Step 2 – Catalog all books and other library items.


Step – 2 – Once the items have been bar coded they must be entered into the catalog where the item will be uniquely tied to the bar code allowing for easy checkout of the item. This process will also be completed over the next few months as time allows.


Although Phase 2 will take time to complete, we currently are able to check out any item available for the public to check out.  Steps 1 and 2 may be completed at the time of checkout if the item has not yet been cataloged.  Have no fear, we are ready for you.


Phase 3 – Patron Registration


Each patron will be issued a new library card which includes a unique bar code identifying the patron within the Insignia software.  Currently our updated patron file was uploaded to the software. This allows us to bring up the patron unique file and attach the patron bar code to the file and registration is complete. This process will be complete for any patron that comes into the library and requests a new library card.


Phase 4 – Update public computers hardware


We are researching appropriate hardware configurations for the public library computers. There are multiple options to consider.  Therefore, research is necessary to find and acquire the appropriate hardware.  The timeline to acquire the upgraded hardware is scheduled to be completed prior to the end of 2015. Come back to our webpage to stay updated on this process.




Come see what your 21 Century Library has to offer.