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Leon Public library has plenty to offer!

Call 641.446.6332 or 641.446.3746


  You may qualify for rent reimbursement credit on your taxes! The form needs to be filled and filed by June of 2014 for 2013 rent reimbursement. Forms are available here at the library (we copy off the master, 2 pages, forty cents), the Treasure's office, the Iowa Dept of Revenue, Veteran's Affairs, General Assistance office, or from your tax preparer.  

JUST FOR FUN-and maybe a little needed hero worship...

                Click Here to watch Astronaut Chris Hadfield's music video filmed on the Spacestation!
After watching this video of his "Major
Tom" redux (which David Bowie happily gave his permission for adapting and playing), you can watch other videos "Major Chris" has done that are also fun- and educational, to boot! Then, come to Leon Public Library and check out his book we have: An Astronaut's Guide to Life On Earth: What going to space taught me about ingenuity, determination, and being prepared for anything.

New Arrivals Upstairs!

American Sniper: Autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. Military History (NF)  {920 Kyl

Great Stories of O. Henry (F) {O. Henry

Boneman's Daughters (F) {Dekker, Ted

Renaissance: an illustrated historical view {709 Bra

Mistress of the Art of Death (M) {Franklin, Ariana

Daddy's Gone a Hunting (M) {Clark, Mary Higgins

ALSO: More new VHS movies, DVDs, audiobooks and more!

For New Materials in Young Adult and Kid's areas, simply click on the tab you want at the top of the page!

LearningExpress 3.0

Introducing LearningExpress Library 3.0!

LearningExpress has been completely redesigned!  Users will need to set up a new account.  The older version (2.0) will be available for a short time -- use the light bulb icon above to access any unfinished tests or tutorials.  Click on the 3.0 logo to check out the new and improved LearningExpress!


EbscoHost is our online service for magazine, journal, and other periodical articles. Women's Day, June 1999? Find it here! Science- That  cool article you read about Artificial Intelligence, but don't know when? EbscoHost will have it! Log in via the State Lib with your State Lib card (too easy to get!), or call Leon Library for our login information, and get access through your card with us.

Click on this button to get ebscohost logo with a state library card. Need help getting one? Just call!

Click on this button to get ebscohost logo via the library. Just call us to get login info! 641.446.6332

For information specific for Young Adults (High School and up) is found by clicking  the Young Adult tab at the top of this page. Everything from music sites to ACT and SAT helpsites, along with health information and much more!

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